"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

August 18, 2009

An excerpt from an interesting rant by Karl Denninger:

...How high does your interest rate have to go on your credit cards - while your bank borrows the money it lends you at zero percent - before you cut 'em all up and send 'em to the bank with a picture of your erect middle finger instead of a payment?

How long will you sit while both Democrat and Republican lie to you about how the "bailouts" and "handouts" will help the economy. Has all this grift helped? Did the "stimulus" keep unemployment from going higher as was promised? Did you really get help with your mortgage or were you offered a scam "forbearance" that amounts to the back-end loading of your balance, turning it into a balloon note or worse? Have you enjoyed watching JP Morgan and other big banks that got tens of billions of taxpayer dollars lease tankers and then bid up the price of oil - causing it to double - with your tax money? How about The Fed and Treasury funneling tens of billions in taxpayer money through AIG to a literal "who's who" of big banks so they could in turn pay billions in bonuses?

All of this obviously meets with your approval as demonstrated by your actions: You still sit back and pop a beer, you go about your daily routine, you refuse to rise from your chair and demand: STOP THE LOOTING AND START PROSECUTING, finally willing to back that up with your sacred honor - or more.

Sometimes I wonder what our nation will stand for - exactly where the breaking point is where we finally force the right things to be done. The right choices. Whether the time will come where we force the barons both inside the beltway and out to face the music for their sins.

Is it 10% unemployment? 15? 20? 1/3rd of our nation out of work and hungry?

Is it 2 million foreclosures, three, six, ten, thirty?

Is it credit card rates at 20%, 30, 50?

Will we submit to the jackbooted foot of the scammers and frauds on our collective necks, both in business and in DC, until our children starve and our grandmothers, mothers and fathers are shoveled in the hole, dead and cold?....

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