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June 01, 2007

Soldier's Blog Threatened

Everyone, Milo and Anne Freeman's blog, "The Calm Before The Sand", is being threatened.
BTW, Milo is a soldier serving in Iraq as we speak.

Anne makes the comment about the new "blogging/e-mail directive":

Yanno the best part about the recent blogging/email directive? There's not a single soul in the DOD willing to enforce it. The whole thing is just so much smoke. I had to hear about it on the news, because I haven't heard a peep regarding it from any one of our three chains of command. That's right, nothing from his commander, nothing from DOD, and nothing from our FRG. We all know it's just one more tool to be used in prosecuting OPSEC violators.

And as the disclaimer at the top reads, all OPSEC related details are modified here. Milo has also made a real point of stating that his opinions do not in any way represent the position of the US Army or DOD. He has violated nothing but an unenforceable directive that nobody cares about.

I think the PAO and Milo's COC have bigger things to deal with.

Some self appointed ruler of the internet had this to say:

There's enough info on your blog to ID you. Once it's done I'll forward it to your PAO and let your chain of command take care of this.

For the rest of you, if you are in or came out of the military as a liberal, it's a shame you didn't learn anything while enlisted. It would have been better had you died in uniform, because at least people could have looked back at your life and knew it served some useful purpose.

Col. Scott C. Smith, USMC, (ret)

Maybe we can all go over to Milo and Anne's site give them some Love and Support. Free speech shouldn't be silenced just because some screwball disagree's with Milo's politcal stance.

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