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April 28, 2007

A "Seamless Transition"

Larry Scott's VAwatchdog.org has the latest bu$h plan on helping our returning Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan:

Asking VA Secretary Jim Nicholson to fix the Seamless Transition program for returning vets is like asking Col. Sanders to watch your chickens. Not a good idea!

Today, the Task Force On Returning Global War On Terror Heroes issued their hurry-up report.

It is unrealistic.

Not because the ideas aren't good...but, because there is no way to properly implement the recommendations...for FOUR reasons...

1. This report actually recommends creating more daunting bureaucracies for returning veterans...there will be red tape wrapped around the red tape.

2. No additional funds have been allocated.

3. No additional staff has been hired.

4. The report forces unrealistic timelines for implementation.

This report is asking the few to do more with what little they already have.

"Then bu$h orders implementation of task force plan. VA Secretary Nicholson must report on progress in 45 days."

bu$h'$ word "progress" = delay until I'm out of office!


iamcoyote said...

Glad to see you up and running SoS! Larry Scott was on Rachel Maddow's show a couple days ago, and laid it all out just like you have here. Word's getting out - but we know it's never enough.

Paul Sullivan said...

Larry Scott does a great job posting news important to veterans that VA often doesn't want veterans to know about. In addition, if you want to see hard-hitting advocacy for veterans, go to Veterans for Common Sense, a non-profit started by Gulf War veterans questioning Bush's rush to war. www.VeteransForCommonSense.org

We've got to fight hard to get what we earned from this administration.

Seven of Six said...

Paul thanks for the update. I just reviewed your site; very informative. I saved it to my favorites for future updates.