"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

April 28, 2007

More from San Diego.

Best speech of the day? Either Barack Obama or Dennis Kucinich. As good as Clinton was in articulating her vision of a Presidency, Obama used his life to frame his objectives, drawing from experiences in Illinois as State Senator and Law Professor, to his first professional jobs in local community service helping the poor.

Kucinich, who was so excited that he couldn't stand still, gave what I thought was his best speech that I've seen since, and including, the 2004 campaign. Although he sometimes gets carried away talking about angels, he targeted war and poverty. His best line was about not only fighting global war, but fighting global warming. Kudos to Dennis for an inspiring and strong, peace-oriented speech. By far he's the most principled and humanitarian candidate, but unfortunately by far the least-supported. He did get a lot of attention when he walked off stage with his new wife, a stunning redhead who is about a head taller (heck, we're all a head taller).

Chris Dodd made a valiant effort at inspiring us, but his talking points were canned and rhetorical. Nancy Pelosi also made an appearance and gave a short, thankful speech. She realizes that her success stems from the support of her home state, California.

Phil Angelides made a brief appearance and thanked us all again for our support in his losing cause as candidate for governor last November. It was kinda sad to see.

Tomorrow promises to be very exciting, with both Edwards and Richardson speaking and rounding out the Presidential candidates.

I just got back from a rally outside. About 150 of us, many being members of PDA, stood along the major thoroughfare next to the convention center, imploring motorists with "Impeach Bush/Cheney" signs and chants. This being a conservative stronghold of California, I was surprised at all the positive acknowledgements we received from the San Diegans.

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