"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

April 06, 2007

...And Pieces for the Week of April 2 - 6


Bush supporters are enraged that captured/released British soldiers were NOT tortured or killed. (mike)

Noam Chomsky describes the benefits, to all the world, of promoting democracy in...... the United States. (mike)

War "on" Terrorism? Try: War "IS" Terrorism. (mike)

One-time music store owners explain how the major record labels are putting themselves out of business with their greedy practices. (mike)

Why RFK Jr. should be the next Secretary of the Interior.

Disney upset with Keith Richards, for snorting his Dad's ashes with some coke! Richards said, "He wouldn't have cared." Damn Disney, you should have known what you were getting when you hired Keith. I personally found it to be one of the funniest story's of the year!

Google does a body good. (mike)

Damn the bad luck! VA news just sucks these days. "VA Patient Has Wrong Testicle Removed" And I'm supposed to have them operate on my leg later this month?

"Iran to Release 15 Britons Held Since March 23" OK, does this save us from WWIII? Or will bu$h be bound and determined to bomb the crap out Iran?

Why does the MSM allow such lies to continue, bu$h to blame congress for his veto of the Iraq war funding bill. All you have to do is sign it, King george, and you'll have your funding.

John McCain visits a Baghdad market, says it's totally safe. The next day 21 workers from the same market are ambushed and killed. (mike)

Libraries are fast becoming daytime shelters for the homeless. (mike)

"The Army, the largest branch of the U.S. military, is showing signs of stress more than four years into the Iraq war." In other words, troops don't get the full 12 months home promised them by bu$h and the others have to stay up to 3 months longer in Iraq. "But, but, but that's not what my recruiter said..."

Remember the pet food scare...well, humans better have a real concern about it. Psst, it's in wheat gluten, FDA approved food grade, not feed grade. (h/t Lurch, Main and Central) Update: FDA now "blocking imports of wheat gluten from a company in China." Whew! Sanity restored to the FDA.

Yes, the "Minuteman Civil Defense Corps" are back for more April action in Arizona. When will they man the borders in June, July, August, and September?

"A new (VA) study in the latest issue of Health Services Research is the first to measure a relationship between waiting for healthcare and mortality rates - especially in the elderly." Well...no...shit!

Of course Al Qaeda is stronger than ever! With an idiot fighting our battles for us what do you expect!

It's not that we can't house our homeless Veterans, the politicians will not part with the funds.

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