"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

October 12, 2006

For things to truly change in the U.S., Average Americans are going to have to realize that they've been duped by their government. Specifically, duped about the Iraq War.

Until Average Americans understand that the son or daughter of their relative, or their friend, or their neighbor was injured or killed needlessly in Iraq, nothing will change. By needlessly, I mean needless to everyone except the leaders of the Bush-war Administration and all the top corporate executives of any company making a buck on the war.

Until Average Americans understand that an Iraqi citizen has exactly the same rights to the resources of this planet as U.S. citizens, nothing will change.

Until Average American owners of stock in any company that does business with the U.S. Military realize that the money represented by their stock is being used by that company to propagate the war, nothing will change.

Until Average Americans realize that Republican-defined patriotism is the single most important tool used to persuade citizens to support war, nothing will change.

Until Average Americans realize that their source(s) of news is not actually news but carefully molded and biased information, nothing will change.

So far, the Average American has no clue. We are likely the most under-educated population that has existed on this continent since the 16th century, relative to the knowledge necessary for making moral and logical decisions. Until we can significantly improve the quality and accessibility of factual information for the Average American, (all together now...) NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

If (and only if) Average Americans get a clue, watch out.... because there will be a Revolution.

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