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May 01, 2006

Veteran Phil L. has a followup to an earlier post:

In an unprecedented move to show their gratitude to those who have served their country honorably:

Lt. Gen. Terry Scott (U.S. Army, ret.), who is Chairman of the Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission (VDBC), wants to study vets who get Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) as well as VA compensation. The goal is an offset (reduction) in payments to veterans. The VDBC's charter doesn't allow this, so, in an unconstitutional move, he asked Congress to interpret their own law, to give him permission to do this. And, unbelievably, he's got that permission.

Veterans...it's time to get angry. I think it's time to make a big noise. Gen. Scott's email at the VDBC is:


This email is good for all Commission members. The Commission's phone number is:

(202) 756-7729

Background story here.

What can I say? Just take all us Disabled Veterans and throw us in the trash heap. Maybe we can get on with QTC Management and work for former VA head Anthony J. Principi, he seems to be doing quite well for himself!

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