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April 25, 2006

Long-time blog friend Phil L. posts today about his apprehensions with a new push by the Bush Administration to reduce Veterans' benefits:

Push to cut VA Benefits

I knew it wouldn't be long for the government to try and accuse us Disabled Veterans of double dipping, as they say. Now they plan to cut off Social Security Disability Insurance to Disabled Veterans after we worked and paid into the system.

They are entirely separate under law however. “A move to sidestep proper procedures and hold a secret ballot on the matter was postponed, but the issue is expected to resurface at the commission’s meeting in May. If so, it could lay the groundwork for cutting or eliminating veterans’ benefits as a way of saving the government money. The idea that disability compensation is some kind of income security or welfare program cheapens the service and sacrifice of disabled veterans. That kind of thinking might also open the door to cutting off VA compensation when a disabled veteran becomes eligible for Social Security retirement benefits. Veterans’ benefits are separate and distinct from Social Security, so receiving payments under both programs is not dual compensation for the same disability, as some have tried to argue.”

One question was asked, “Does the disability benefit provided affect a veteran’s incentive to work?” I have tried to gain employment at a livable wage with no success. Employers will not employ me in my field due to medications that the VA prescribes.

I worked 30 plus years and paid into Social Security and now because I'm disabled they are going to say I cannot collect what I paid into to the system. I also collect from SSDI for care of my son. How many thousands collect only from VA Disability and SSDI for support of their whole families?

This is the unkindest cut of all, not only for me but for my cousin's husband and thousands of other Veterans out there as well! We have Generals and Politicians making decisions for Veterans barely getting by. None of us are rich by any means.
And the big question is; in the grand scheme of things, how much will this really save the government?

Phil L. ( link to supporting article)

If any of you affected veterans would like to contact Phil directly, email me and I will forward it to him.

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