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June 30, 2011

Bits and Pieces for the Week of June 26 - July 2

Maybe you've seen this a dozen times. It never ceases to be funny. A holiday weekend treat. (Mike)

Gov. Jerry Brown for months bent over backwards trying to get the California Republican legislators to work with him and Democratic legislators on the State budget. Yesterday he finally gave up and the Democrats have submitted a budget that will likely get passed this week. Even the Republican-dominated California Chamber of Commerce is pissed at the Republicans for being totally intransigent during budget negotiations. (Mike)
A cure for Type 2 Diabetes (Mike)
Portable cell phone towers for disaster areas (Mike)

Andrew Sullivan gets to the heart of the matter. "These current Republicans would rather destroy the US economy than sacrifice one scintilla of ideological purity. They are an imminent threat to the stability of this country's economy and the world's. And they must be stopped before the damage is irreversible." (7 of 6)

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Mike said...

7of6, regarding Andrew Sullivan's comments: The damage isn't irreversible. Sure, thousands if not millions of people will needlessly suffer and/or die, most Americans will live below the poverty line, and America will become a second-world nation. But I'm sure it will all be reversed 100-200 years from now.