"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

February 03, 2011

Bits and Pieces for the Week of January 30 - February 5

The continued browning of America. So instead of adapting to an open society... we will now watch the GOP continue the scare tactics, intimidation, and voter suppression so they can hang on to their last grasp of power. (7 of 6)

Former Minutemen member faces murder trial. Plain and simple this was a hate crime. But the state of Arizona refuses to call it that!(7 of 6)

Ayn Rand Railed Against Government Benefits, But Grabbed Social Security and Medicare When She Needed Them. (7 of 6)

The pitfalls of using your phone as a credit card. (Mike)
Mona Sosh is in the middle of Cairo's Tahrir Square. She's been interviewed on Aljazeera and MSNBC and continues to tweet everything that she is seeing. (Mike)
Catastrophic Weather Events Are Becoming the New Norm (Mike)
Best live news feed from Egypt. Also Live Blog. (Mike)
Very cool chase (even though it's a commercial). (Mike)
REPOST: Tired of killing yellow trees? Now you can opt out of receiving the Yellow Pages. (Mike)

No weather relief for Australia. It's supposed to be one of the strongest cyclones "...ever to hit Australia... It is expected to hit the coast on Wednesday evening, packing winds of nearly 300 km (186 miles) per hour... The storm is due to hit when the tide is high... hitting rural and mining areas still struggling to recover after months of devastating floods." (7 of 6)

Here it comes... U.S. sees Suez Canal closure as inconceivable. (7 of 6)

Please cut defense spending! The Big (Military) Taboo. "I’m a believer in a robust military, which is essential for backing up diplomacy.... we have a billionaire military and a pauper diplomacy. The U.S. military now has more people in its marching bands than the State Department has in its foreign service — and that’s preposterous." (7 of 6)

John Bolton, bu$h's recess appointed U.N. Ambassador, thinks Egypt's revolution is a great reason to bomb Iran. Will this guy ever give up his desire to bomb Iran? Time to clip that fucker's mustache! (7 of 6)

"Hundreds march outside Koch brothers' retreat... 25 are arrested for trespassing." It's a beginning. (7 of 6)

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