"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

December 13, 2010

The Voting Block Dominoes Will Fall

Dear Mr. President:

I understand "the long view" plan for the recovery of this country. The current tax cut bill only delays this country's recovery and compromise comes at a heavy political cost to you personally.

You broke a campaign promise of doing away with tax cuts for the wealthy. The Republi-cons who you negotiated in good faith with, will no doubt, throw you under the bus upon your run for reelection. Only you will get blamed for the continued budget increase. I fear you will lose a huge voting block of moderates, independents and Progressives who held you to this promise.

This compromise on the tax cut bill only emboldens the Republi-cons with future fights on Social Security and Medicare. The people are witnessing capitulation and will take full advantage. Unfortunately, unless congress approves it... this new tax cut bill will prevent disabled Veterans, Social Security recipients and military retirees from receiving a Cost of Living Adjustment for at least 2 years. This blows another voting block for you.

The people will say, the Republi-cons made a good tactical move... they got the tax cuts for the rich for 2 years, and only gave up unemployment extensions for 13 months... this will be approximately 9-10 months before the 2012 Presidential election. Who else will this voting block blame for a bad compromise? Plenty of time for them to remember the bad deal they received. Undoubtedly Sir, the finger of blame will be pointed at you. Another voting block down.

Americans know this tax cut bill comes at a time when corporations have had their best 3rd quarter in history, yet, corporations still refuse to hire. The bailed out and protected Wall Street executives are getting record bonuses for 2 straight years, CEO's continue to reap rewards and all the interlocking chairpersons of the boards have their coffers full. U.S. Government workers have had their wages froze. The American people are taking cuts in wages, hours, pensions, health benefits; while they continue to increase productivity. Who do you think they will vent their frustration at... yes, you Mr. President. There goes another major voting block.

This is not a good compromise for you politically, for "the long view" or for the long term needs of the American people... show some prescience, please, it is your turn to just say "NO". Stress JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! If you make that your mantra for the next 2 years, it might save your Presidency.

If of course, the republi-con congress doesn't try and impeach you for something first.

Sincerely, Seven of Six


Mike said...

If Obama continues on the current course, then the best solution will be if Dems choose another, more progressive candidate instead of making Obama an incumbant candidate. As far as I'm concerned, Obama has revealed his true intentions, backtracked on most of his campaign promises, and permanently rejected progressives.

Seven of Six said...

I want to support Obama, but personally I'm tired of the rhetoric. The rhetoric of him being a pragmatist, working across the aisle, trying to accomplish something in Washington while his rhetoric slams the Progressives. Stand up for your base, just once, capitulation is so embarrassing and the republi-cons are just laughing at him. I don't want higher taxes but I want a victory for Obama more. He really lost face on this one. And my worst nightmare is when the repukes come for Social Security and Medicare. We knew the butcher's bill was coming due, time to pay the piper. Then watch the republi-cons scramble in front of the American people... make them govern... watch them squirm. And make DoD start having to take it on the chin!!