"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

March 05, 2010

This week the Republican/Tea Party/Fox News talking point is Obama "ramming health care changes down the throats of Americans". Here are some other recent things rammed down our throats:

As for ramming things down people's throats, here is what the Republicans rammed down our throats during Cheney-Bush:

1. War on Iraq, costing over 4,000 American service lives, 31,000 wounded bad enough to go to hospital, many of them maimed for life, and costing over our lifetimes $3 trillion (which we don't have). All based on outright lies.

2. Torture.

3. Warrantless wiretaps.

4. 'Protest zones' and arbitrary arrest of people peacefully assembled.

5. Further gutting of financial regulation, pushing the country's economy off a cliff

6. Deep tax cuts for the superwealthy and de facto tax increases for the middle classes, passed by reconciliation

7. Unfunded programs, including wars, tax cuts and medicare changes, that created most of the current budget deficit and much of our current public debt, much of it passed by reconciliaton.

8. Virtual abandonment of our troops in Afghanistan for a concentration on Iraq, and slacking off on capturing the top al-Qaeda and Taliban leadership.

9. The gutting of environmental regulation and the surrender of the public to corporate polluters.

10. Bush's 'victory' itself in 2000.

So suck it up, GOP. You really screwed us all over and messed up the country big time. All we want to do is have people's children be able to see a doctor without it bankrupting the family. That's your big complaint?


Anonymous said...

Obama saves jobs by losing jobs. 4 million lost since Obama took office.

Obama saves money by running up debt. Over $1T debt in Obama's budget and $10T projected in new debt.

Fat is the new thin.

War is the new peace.

Day is the new night, and night is the new day.

Mike said...

Not sure what your point is. My grandson learned to walk since Obama took office. I've had diarrhea 6 times since Obama took office. So what?!

Joey said...

When you libs say deep tax cuts for the super wealthy whom are you refering to ? Sorros? Al Gore? Bill Gates? Ted Turner? these are all liberals? or maybe you listen to media too much, the tax cuts were to corporations! oooooooaaaahhhh scarry and horrible right? they used those cust to expand, this doesn't happen without hiring employees, purchasing products built by other corporations and small businesses! All Bush did was sign into law that wich you liberals forced down his throat, I remember Obama voted yes for everything he blames Bush for today, think on that a while!