"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

May 09, 2009

Bits and Pieces for the Week of May 3 - 9

This is some sick shit. Ethics-starved Senator Arlen Specter sets up web site for donations to his reelection campaign under the guise of donating to cancer research. (Mike)

WHO is now saying not to eat pork from pigs who possibly have the H1N1 virus. “Meat from sick pigs or pigs found dead should not be processed or used for human consumption under any circumstances...” When will corporations realize it takes just a little more effort, a little more money to keep their companies clean? Instead, Smithfield Foods goes cheap and in the end, will no doubt have to pay more in the long run. And you "Weight Watchers" eaters thought you had problems before! Oh yeah, lets not forget the little part about introducing a deadly new virus strain... nothing like a little bottom line to cure your ills... permanently. (7 of 6)

Over 50 lb's of Cocaine wash up on Texas shore. (7 of 6)

A case FOR government regulations (Mike)

Outrage doesn't say it well enough for me... I don't get the people in this country... how can anyone be satisfied with this verdict in the beating death of another human being? (7 of 6)

Ok, Arlen we get it... Specter Won't Back Public Health Care Or Employee Free Choice Act. Claims he won't be a loyal Democrat. Then I say no support! Obama do not campaign for him... no funding from the DNC... what good will he do if we throw money his way without him voting for issues important to Democrats. It's imperative that we come up with a solid Progressive challenger in the Democratic Primary. Force him to play ball... we do not need another "Blue Dog 'Dino' Dem!" (7 of 6)


muckdog said...

Seven on the other thread you asked: What do you think of Obama's long term investment plans on education, energy and healthcare paying off years from now? I don't think it's a cure all but it's a start. I certainly would rather spend it there than on fruitless wars.I haven't heard much about his plans for education spending. I feel education direction should originate at the local level. I'd eliminate tons of layers of education at the federal and state level, and get that money into the classrooms.

His energy plan doesn't exist. Oil prices are back up to $54 and climbing as the world economies rebound and demand more energy.

Obama talks about windmills and solar panels. Might as well not have an energy plan. Those won't come close to meeting our needs. We need more nuclear power. We need natural gas for cars, initially at the federal level. This would diversify our vehicle fleet and help us reduce our imports.

But we'll continue to spend the money on those fruitless wars instead. I guess the public accepts war better than nuclear power or natural gas cars.

Health care? Assuming he can get it by Congress, it'll be much worse and much more expensive than what we have now. Long waiting lines and wait times for treatment. Because that's what happens everywhere else there's national health care. We won't be different. If anything, we'll be worse. Just look at Massachusetts.

On the employee free choice act, it's hard to imagine forming new unions will help workers, when the existing unions have driven companies out of business.

Seven of Six said...

His energy plan doesn't exist.Whatever his plan is, it's better than cheney's "secret energy task force"!
While I doubt all the "Clean Coal" talk... areas such as "Wind" and "Solar" have yet to get completely off the ground... give it time.
The wind energy is seeing great results in Texas.
Here in AZ, if the state and local republi-con government would fight the Nuclear Energy lobby we could be doing wonders with solar power.
Muck, You can't knock Obama's energy plan if it hasn't had time to work or a full investment has gone into it. There is one local solar panel outfit that can't keep up with production or the amount of homes requesting it. Some (like me), have to fight our local HOA for the right to put solar panels on our roof. Thank goodness the HOA's are losing this battle as we speak.

Yes, the politics are screwed up in this country on wars. The MIC is probably the most powerful lobby in the U.S. And republi-cons (and most Dems) would freak the fuck out if someone went with Ron Paul's nationalistic agenda on foreign policy.

Mike here is the expert on health care.
My opinions are that as long as it is affordable and people can still see the doctors of their choice we shouldn't have a problem.
I really don't have to worry, the V.A. takes care of me, yes, a National healthcare system. It ain't perfect but it's free.

We will have to disagree on Unions. Blue collar workers have done everything in their power to make companies viable. Concession after concession, paycut after paycut, mismangement by white collar workers contributes to more failures than Unions. Let's cut back on CEO's pay to about what the Japanese and Europeans get, say between 17-25% of the average workers pay.

The big three are a perfect example... they have had +25 years, warning after warning, to compete with the Japanese and Europeans and still did not produce a competive vehicle. That is not the Unions fault.

And you know what I would say about it, "It's the greed talking!"

muckdog said...

I'm not against wind and solar, it's just that all of today's wind and solar combined doesn't even match the power output of one nuclear power plant. And that's ignoring the reliability factor.

The cleanest energy options are hydro and nuclear, but no way those will pass this government.

So we burn coal like there's no tomorrow. The filthiest option of all. Makes no sense whatsoever.

We also should paint all the rooftops in the Southwest a light color, as air conditioning is their highest energy demand.

Unions have made US labor too expensive. I'm not sure they've done their workers a favor, as jobs go offshore. I'll have to read the union thread up top, but I'm sure it'll fall a bit short in the analysis dept...

Seven of Six said...

Hydro must be done easier... without having to damn up areas the size of a small state or wrecking the ecological areas downstream.

Nuclear thoughts like yours are an accident waiting to happen. What happens to the waste? Clean? And it sure as hell ain't cheap energy here in AZ.

I agree with you on coal... nasty stuff but there should be a way to filter it. I just think they don't want to take the time or expense to do it.

Here's the low down on Unions. The key muck is livable wages, affordable healthcare, and pensions.

Everyone would be better off if would could just have these simple things in life. But the bottom line has replaced everything in the corporate world. If only some loyalty and morality would come back to the boardrooms, we would all be better off.

muckdog said...

Nuclear is cheaper than solar and wind, though. Just think about it. But I'm not against wind and solar. Or painting rooftops white.

I perused the union linkage. I'm not falling for it. Unions have been a complete disaster. I can imagine the harrassment that will go on if the secret ballot is eliminated.

Say, the back of the bond market may have been broken today. Here comes the inflation, Seven!

Mike said...

7 of 6:

If you properly cook your pig, the virus can't survive. I don't understand the recommendation to avoid it entirely. Oh well...