"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

May 02, 2009

Bits and Pieces for the Week of April 26 - May 2

Antarctica is falling apart. (Mike)

Ten Sneakiest Credit Card Tricks. (7 of 6)

If you insist on wearing a mask to protect yourself from the swine flu virus, you should read this first, as most masks are useless. (Mike)

Depressing video: demolishing new homes (Mike)

Welcome to Phase V (Mike)

Why does swine flu appear to be more deadly in Mexico? (Mike)

Possible source of current Swine Flu; also, see on Googlemaps the locations of all reported cases (Mike) (UPDATE: Or maybe not)

Here's a link to the article in the NY Review of Books (about Presidential power grabs) written by Senator Arlen Specter, who referred to it in his announcement today of his switch to the Democratic Party. (Mike)

Lately, it seems bloggers get the jump on traditional media for early leads in big news events. It should come as no surprise that certain bloggers are linking Smithfield Foods and their products to the Swine Flu outbreak in Mexico. (7 of 6)

The next wave of the real estate crash: it's coming (and that's not even taking into consideration the rapidly developing commercial real etate crash) (Mike)

As a delegate to the California Democratic Party State Convention this past weekend, I can assure you that the party is continuing its course of becoming one of the most progressive state parties in the nation. The party's primary concern and topic of discussion is the 2/3 vote requirement for passing annual state operating budgets by the legislature. As a result of the current law, the highly-polarizing and dysfunctional Republicans have a nazi-like stranglehold on their party's legislators and thus the budget negotiations. The Democratic pary leadership has vowed to do everything possible to get this law overturned. (Mike)

It appears funding for flu pandemic preparedness was taken out of the stimulus bill. A lot more from Think Progress. The republi-con mantra, "Keeping you safe by going cheap!" As they utter, "Damn Mexicans", under their breath! UPDATE: Just like clockwork... the hate mongers are all over it! (7 of 6)

Too funny... domestic extremist bombers demand natural food. Terry Nichols and Eric Rudolph don't like Super Max prison food. My brother in law tells me it's the same food the cafeteria serves the prison guards as well. (7 of 6)

Magnitude of dirty VA hospital equipment unknown. I'm glad I cancelled my colonoscopy at the V.A. Hospital here in Phoenix... I will reschedule when I know steps have been taken to assure safeguards are in place. (7 of 6)


muckdog said...

Seven, no doubt this little neocon is responsible for the Swine Flu Pandemic. Probably related to the Bushitler family.

The Dems control Congress, right? How could the GOP force the Dems to do anything? (As in, cut pandemic $).


The GOP will be out doing steak dinner fundraisers from now until November 2010, because they don't play a role in DC. Even the filibuster is gone. It's all on the Dems.

Seven of Six said...

The Dems control Congress, right? How could the GOP force the Dems to do anything? (As in, cut pandemic $).Muck, You really think the Dems in congress wanted to save any money in the stimulus package? No, it was purely for political reasons, or as they like to say, bipartisanship.

Now on the other hand I can certainly see the repukes pushing this off the table to save money.
Why did Collins take her support of the flu pandemic preparedness off her website on Monday?

Seven of Six said...

Gotta admit Muck... the kid kissing the pig picture is funny as hell.

That's how rednecks do their vaccinations!

Mike said...

7 of 6:

My understanding is that Collins didn't want the pandemic $$ as part of the stimulus package but rather as a separate bill. Kinda makes sense to me.

Seven of Six said...

Maybe Mike, but it still doesn't explain her taking down the information from her website the next business day after the outbreak was reported.

muckdog said...

The government never saves any money, so I'd imagine all the trillions of dollars in the stimulus packages will get spent.

But then we get earnings from CAT and they say they are cutting because they have no projects. CalTRANS here in CA says they have very few stimulus dollars for projects.

Where did those "shovel ready" projects go? It's like the money is spent, and there is nothing to show for it.

(The banks are sitting on a lot of it...)

I don't know about swine flu spending. Seems like that topic has come and gone this week. Panic has ebbed.

muckdog said...

Seven, you still listening to Peter Schiff? Does he think we're at a top?

Market has been churning the last 3 days. Not very good sign. I went bearish on the weekly blogger stock poll I'm in.

Seven of Six said...

Yes, I listen to what Schiff has to say... I don't agree with everything.

I like Roubini alot lately... of course last week it was Krugman.

Nothing I like will be as aggressive for your "free market" taste.

I do agree, the banks are still sitting on a lot of it... we still don't know how big a problem we have and more danger exists.

I don't want cosmetic fixes to our economy. I have always thought temporary Nationalization is what is needed.

What do you think of Obama's long term investment plans on education, energy and healthcare paying off years from now? I don't think it's a cure all but it's a start. I certainly would rather spend it there than on fruitless wars.

Seven of Six said...

Muck, Have you heard what Elizabeth Warren has to say about the banks?