"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

April 02, 2009

Bits and Pieces for the Week of March 29 - April 4

Isn't this rich! On the House's $3.6 trillion budget blueprint... Republicans have warned that the prospects for bipartisanship will all but vanish if majority Democrats attempt to muzzle them. Am I missing something here? Could republi-cons first demonstrate some bipartisanship... I'm sorry, 3 lousy votes on the stimulus package doesn't cut it! (7 of 6)

Related to the story below... from non-Obama Sources: Obama Plays Peacemaker in French-Chinese Smackdown Over Tax Havens. I can't imagine any other U.S. President doing this. (7 of 6)

While republi-cons at home stew... Obama is changing our image overseas. h/t Al Rodgers, DKos (7 of 6)

I will give kudos to MSNBC for hiring Liberals to do TV News shows and try to balance out FAUX News. I feel it was a mistake when they selected Ed Schultz over Thom Hartmann. Thom has had the best show on liberal radio for years. I can only hope Thom lands at CNN to give them some sorely needed balance. (7 of 6)

Too funny! Obamas give the Queen an IPod... the Queen gives them a picture... of herself and husband. (7 of 6)

Maybe being Vice President is no longer like a bucket of warm spit... (Mike)

Stephen Colbert undresses Glenn Beck. (7 of 6)

Reality check: Economic Indicators through February 2009 (Mike)

Great article by Vyan at DKos, "The Impending Perfect Wingnut Hate Storm". Because there's always enough hate to go around. (7 of 6)

I couldn't resist this story... "What Darwin had in mind: Man uses lighter to check gas tank." (7 of 6)


Mike said...

Welcome back, 7 of 6!!

Mike said...

7 of 6:

Regarding Obama playing peacemaker, I could very easily imagine both Clinton and Carter doing what Obama did. Maybe even Reagan. But definitely no Presidents named "Bush".

Seven of Six said...

I was going to say Clinton and Carter. Not Reagan... he thought his shit didn't stink, he wouldn't lower himself. Bu$h 1 would have gotten the CIA on it... W would have walked out the wrong door!

Anonymous said...

Mike, I think you are correct. Neither of the Bush Presidents was stupid or cowardly enough to do what the miserable sack of garbage named Obama did today and yesterday. As an educated black man, I can't believe what an ignorant, lackey, socialist Obama truly is. He MUST bring his prompter along from now on. He is stupid enough with it, but without it, we might as well have Moe, Larry, or Curly Joe speak in his stead. What an idiot, without any doubt …what an idiot Obama undeniably is at least to anyone with a functioning brain.

Mike said...

Hey, Mr. Anonymous, for an "educated" man you picked the wrong elementary school to attend. Do you realize how stupid you sound? Also, when you mention "functioning brain", I'm sure you meant "functioning lower brain". People with functioning whole brains see the world a bit differently than you do. Finally, there ain't nothing wrong with socialism or socialists; at least they care about other people's well-being.