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December 17, 2008

I became a grandpa today. Woohoo!

UPDATE: Still waiting for our first photos. We live in L.A. and they live in New York, so stopping by to visit and harrass the new parents is out of the question. The baby was born one month early and is in great shape, so we're sure mom is really happy about missing that last month of waddling and toilet stops every thirty minutes. They named their new son Martin, after MLK, as they're hardcore progressives. If it was my kid, I would've named him Putthatdownnow, or Donttouchthat, or Bringthatbackhererightthisminute.


Seven of Six said...

Congrats Mike!!

iamcoyote said...

Hey Congrats, Mike! I'm so jealous. It's my turn to spoil the kids and send 'em back to their parents.

The Masked Vigilante said...

Congratulations, Grandpaw!!

snark said...

Congrats Gramps!

Enjoy it.