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May 15, 2008

Bits and Pieces for the Week of May 11 - 17

Seems the same FLDS group as the ones from TX are buying land in 2 CO counties. (7 of 6)


The only description that comes to mind is anarchists, for this group calling themselves, Recreate68. They are threatening to disrupt the Democratic convention in Denver. I wonder, could they possibly be part of Limbaugh's master plan? (7 of 6)

Wow. Check out these photos of the electricity produced by rain interacting with the ash being spewed out of the Chilean volcano, Chaitén. (Mike)

Ron Paul is the GOP's headache that just won't go away. (Mike)

This is quite a touching campaign story. This kid apparently is far more passionate than 99% of the voters. (Mike)

John McCain is using his "sugar mama's" plane for campaign business. "...Federal Aviation Administration records indicate that she appears to be using her personal wealth to help his campaign, through the continued use of her corporate jet... critics have argued that Mrs. McCain is effectively subsidizing her husband’s campaign because either she or her company has to make up for the difference between what his campaign pays for the jet’s use and what it really costs to operate it." (7 of 6)

"The PR executive John McCain just tapped to help run the GOP convention quit today after a report that his firm once represented the Burmese junta..." (7 of 6)

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