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March 21, 2008

Republi-con Strategy and Blaming Barack Obama

Florida is a perfect example of how the rebuli-cons continue to screw the Democratic voter and party. It has nothing to do with Barack Obama. The repuli-con strategy in FL is on par with their gerrymandering efforts (among others). Take a look at what FL H.B. 537 accomplished for republi-cons:

Besides getting rid of touch-screen machines, the bill:

- Moves Florida's presidential primary from March to the end of January.

- Changes the "resign to run" law, so that Florida politicians can keep their state jobs and run for federal office at the same time.

- Cracks down further on citizen petitions, and creates a mischievous counterprocess in which opponents can get petition signatures revoked.

- Restricts complaints to the already-puny Florida Elections Commission to the point that rule breakers just about have to turn themselves in.

- Stacks the executive committees of political parties, and gives the state party bosses absolute power to remove local party officers.

- Deals with the ability of political committees to raise money under various names, and to conduct polling.

The state virtually assured itself of being republi-con for years.

I cannot comprehend how a Democrat (or voter period) in the State of Florida doesn't see that the republi-con state congress introduced the bill (sponsered by 2 repuli-cons, David Rivera and Dorothy Hukill) to move up the primary date... passed the bill with its huge majority... and was signed into law by a republi-con governor. This whole scheme worked great for the republi-cons and totally screwed the Democrats.

A fair state congress would have said, "Hey, the Democrats have certain rules we have to abide with, we will only move up the republi-con voting date but the Dems have to have their vote after Super Tues."

I argued with my neo-con sister in Tampa and she said, "The current strategy has worked to perfection so far."

As for MI... Hillary wouldn't give a shit about the revote if she was leading... she would be doing the same thing as Obama... which is a simple holding mode... waiting for this to play out.

The MI state congress (which also has a republi-con majority) went on vacation... the people of MI only have their state reps to blame.

The repuli-con party agenda is having fun at the expense of the Democratic voters and party.

But wait... I see a pattern developing... as with FL... it's all Obama's fault.


Anjha said...

Yes, SoS, for the Pukes it is like they set out to screw us and we turned out to be twins...

They not only got their bad bill, which I heard that the Dems in FL voted for because it was the only way that they could get rid of the electronic voting machines - but they also get to make it look like it was Obama's fault and watch the entire Democratic Party tear itself apart.

I really am floored by the idiots nowadays.

It has been really horrible to watch this and really makes me question - "WTF is wrong with my Party?"


Anonymous said...

Hey morons - get your facts straight before you blame everything on the "Republicons". The Democrats in the FL state legislature voted for this bill on the floor BEFORE the voting machine amendment was added. They weren't "forced" to do it by the Republicans. They wanted Florida to play a bigger role in the Democratic primaries, just like Republicans wanted to be in the spotlight for respective primary. The only difference - Democrats got burned by the DNC. End of story.