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February 04, 2008

Since this blog is housed in California (with corporate offices also in Arizona), I thought I'd summarize the pros and cons of each major Democratic candidate in advance of tomorrow's primary:


  • Washington experience
  • Strong party support structure
  • Bill (popular; draws crowds)
  • Healthcare reform experience
  • Relatively liberal Senate voting record
  • Female (thwart anti-feminism)
  • Enhance world's image of U.S.


  • 2002 AUMF vote; continues to support Iraq War appropriations
  • Bill (overshadows Hillary at times)
  • Female (election will inflame sexism)
  • Excessive corporate support
  • Centrist
  • Copied Edwards' healthcare reform proposal
  • Stiff personality in public
  • Member of christian fundamentalist worship group
  • Talks about indefinitely continuing (in a reduced fashion) military presence in Iraq



  • New (not a Washington insider), populist candidate
  • Seems compassionate
  • Inspiring speaker; good dancer; Oprah
  • Black (thwart racism in general)
  • Relatively liberal Senate voting record
  • Inspires grassroots support (incl. financially)
  • Enhance world's image of U.S.


  • Inexperienced; minimal track record
  • Inconsistent Iraq War stance
  • Black (election will inflame racism against blacks)
  • Copied Edwards' healthcare reform proposal
  • Not many original, well-thought-out policies



  • Not white male
  • Not Republican


  • Not white male
  • No strong Iraq-withdrawal proposal
  • No commitment to reduce military spending and the federal deficit
  • No commitment (other than lip service to Edwards supporters) to reduce poverty in the U.S. and Africa
  • No commitment to hold lending industry accountable for its part in debt/mortgage crisis
  • No commitment to universal/single-payor health care system
  • Only lip service to Iraq War veterans

These aren't necessarily the most important positive and negative attributes of each. But these are what I hear people discussing. I don't have a BIG problem with either candidate and still don't know how I will vote tomorrow. Getting Bush and Cheney's cabal out of the government is more important than anything except one's love of family and spouse/mate. And garlic and chocolate.

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