"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

December 26, 2007

"Who We Are"

In an age of monarchy, we believe in democracy.

In an age of executive privilege, we believe in the rule of law.

In an age of unjust war, we believe in peace.

In an age of torture, we believe in human rights.

In an age of terrorism, we believe in stopping it, not manipulating it.

In an age of fear, we believe in strength.

In an age of empire, we believe in multinationalism.

In an age of mass media, we believe in the individual mind.

In an age of propaganda, we believe in asking questions.

In an age of corporate plutocracy, we believe in human community.

In an age of rapacious greed, we believe the Earth is our home.

In an age of kakistocracy, we believe in meritocracy.

In an age of immunity, we believe in accountability.

In an age of class warfare, we believe in liberty and justice for all.

In an age of bigotry, we believe in equality.

In an age of suppression, we believe in expression.

In an age of ignorance, we believe in enlightenment.

In an age of religious hypocrisy, we believe in the human conscience.

In an age of medievalism, we believe government should be secular.

In an age of ideologues, we believe in pragmatics.

In an age of arrogance, we believe in humility.

In an age of personality, we believe in objectivity.

In an age of intolerance, we believe in compassion.

In an age of suffering, we believe in reaching a hand.

In an age of hatred, we believe in love.

In an age of homogenization, we believe in inspiration.

In an age of plodding, we believe in song and dance.

Turkana - The Left Coaster

Commentator Judith adds:

Where there is ignorance, we believe in education.

Where there is division, we believe in unity.

Where there is falsehood, we believe in truth.


S.W. Anderson said...

Excellent post. It's important to come out and present these things openly and proudly. They provide a good, sharp contrast with crooked, cynical, anything-to-win Republicans.

S.W. Anderson said...
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