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December 20, 2007

Racism: Alive and Well in Arizona

It's the same old hate here in Phoenix: Racist whites and the nauseatingly humorous, few, long-time resident, wait until it happens to them, misguided Hispanics: Against realistic-thinking Whites, Hispanics and the impoverished, persecuted illegal immigrants who will do any job for minimum wage yet are accused of every crime known to man.

No one understands how much this will cripple the local economy here if the scumbag, sheriff Joe, and (new stance on immigration because he was on Lou Dobbs for 10 minutes) Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon get their way on enforcing this new, racial profiling, immigration law. Basically what the new law means is they can hold anyone who looks Hispanic for an unspecified period of time until they can prove they are a citizen or here legally! Welcome to the police state of Arizona.

I pity the racist idiots who don't relize how much the underground Hispanics pump into the local economy. Who do these 'uppity white folk' think washes their cars, cleans their offices, serves them fast food, mows their lawns, buys their products and helps to pay the taxes of this state? Seems like it's back to the late 1800's and Chinese immigrant labor and laws all over again.

As far as local crime goes, we had a policeman killed by an illegal immigrant this year. So now, every crime that happens, it's illegals.

Two other local officers were killed by white men. The Baseline Serial Rapist and Murderer was a black man. The Phoenix Serial Shooter: two white guys.

In the last 3 years there has been an upswing in the theft of copper from new home construction and installed construction sites. News media outlets claimed illegals were suspect. Turns out, a man was found to be electrocuted with his hands still on a live line; yep, (toasted) white guy. Two more theives got caught when they took their copper to a recycle center; yep, two (dumb) white guys. I guess those illegals are so smart, they don't get caught with copper.

Why don't these racists admit: Crime crosses all ethnic barriers. We don't even need to talk about who commits corporate white collar crime: The most profitable and least prosecuted of all crimes.

In my honest opinion, I think U.S. Customs and Border Protection should be investigating more human smuggling operations (coyotes) and big businesses who profit from cheap labor.

Please people, start treating all human beings with respect for one another and follow "The Golden Rule". And if you're the religous sort, the ever popular saying, "What would Jesus do?", applies most wholeheartedly.

"We will cross Mountains, Deserts, and yes... even Borders to feed our families! Wouldn't you?"

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