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December 18, 2007

Dan Fogelberg - Leader of the Band

RIP Dan.

It was Fogelberg's enivormental activism that initially got me believing that our Earth is the only Planet that man has to live on. So it's up to Man to take care of our home. We certainly cannot rely on corporations and their minions to look out for our Planet when the almighty dollar is the bottom line. His song "Face the Fire" told the story of 'the 3 Mile Island accident' and the dangers of corporate overlords.

Face The Fire

I hear the thunder three miles away
The Island's leaking into the bay
The poison is spreading
The demon is free
And people are running from what they can't even see

Face the fire
You can't turn away
The risk grows greater with each passing day
The waiting's over
The moment has come
To kill the fire and turn to the sun

They'll take your money
And then take your health
To line their pockets with unequalled wealth
These men are under the power of gold
We won't be safe until we shut them down cold


The people came to the capitol town
One hundred thousand of them laid their hearts down
They screamed in anger and broadcast their fears
Just to have them fall on deaf ears

Kill the fire and turn to the sun

"Leader of the Band" was one of the few songs I could find.

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