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December 07, 2007

Bits and Pieces for the Week of December 2 - 8

Oh man, this is huge! "Major crude producer Iran has completely stopped carrying out its oil transactions in dollars... ...labelling the greenback an 'unreliable' currency... Iran has also reduced its dollar assets held in foreign banks and urged OPEC to take collective action to price oil in other currencies such as the euro..." (7 of 6)

Uh oh, Bill O'Reilly is on to us! Quick, hide the pitchfork. (Mike)

Wal-Mart could increase its minimum wage to $10 per hour and greatly boost the well-being of its low-income workers with little financial impact on most shoppers (Mike)

Quote Of The Month: John Cole on GOP candidates McCain, Huckabee and Paul: "....what does it say about your party when people are deemed unelectable because they oppose torture?" (Mike)

The latest remarks by bu$h on Iran's "...intelligence report finding it halted its development of a nuclear bomb". A halted WMD program is a "warning signal"? WTF!! THE MAN IS A DANGEROUS IDIOT!! (7 of 6)

Last week, Defense Department officials further defined policy "If you are wounded in combat and discharged as a result, you will not have to pay back your enlistment bonus..." However, they never mentioned what happens if you are injured or disabled and part of the, "...Army Advantage Program, a new recruitment incentive package which will dole out $40,000 to enlistees willing to fulfill a five-year commitment in the service..." (7 of 6)

The nominee for V.A. Secretary, Dr. James Peake, (major bu$h crony), "denies having first hand knowledge of problems at Walter Reed when he was Army Surgeon General." But Dr. Peake, you were the Army Surgeon General in charge! Oh yeah, he also "promises quick reforms if confirmed as V.A. Secretary". If the Veterans get treated the same as the Walter Reed Vets do, I have a feeling it will be the status quo or worse for returning Veterans to get their benefits. (7 of 6)

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