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August 25, 2007

Bits and Pieces for the Week of August 19 - 25

The TOP TEN WORST PROSECUTORS OF 2007 (Angelinos: Rocky Delgadillo is on this list) (Mike)

Targeting Blue Dog Democrats (Mike)

I know textbooks are getting quite expensive, but, really now, how necessary is it to protect them from getting shot-up? (Mike)

In the first statement since Pat Tillman's death, his wife Marie Tillman, says that the U.S. needs "...authentic leadership on many levels". I couldn't agree more Marie! R.I.P Pat Tillman. (7 of 6)

Jon Stewart explains how the U.S. maintains that delicate balance of power in the Middle East. (Mike)

Wow! The Texas Rangers defeat the Baltimore Orioles, 30 - 3 No baseball team has scored 30 runs in 110 years! (7 of 6)

"Crisis in the Green Zone. Nuri al-Maliki's outburst against US criticism is bad news for George Bush, whose political project for Iraq now looks more fragile than ever." (7 of 6)

FoxAttacks has a new segment comparing how Fox news is duplicating its "attack Iraq" push in 2003 with its current "attack Iran" push. This links to a QT version of the video. (Mike)

UC Berkeley has good news for broccoli lovers and bad news for community college students (Mike)

What the return of electricity looks like in Iraq today. (7 of 6)

This makes you wonder how many more bridges in the U.S. are already officially designated as having the potential to collapse. (Mike)

Wow. Here's a blogger that "walks the walk". More here. And here. (Mike)

As a soldier, being in a hostile environment, it's a treat when a group of entertainers come to perform. Fake-news program "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" is taking a page from serious news organizations this week with on-the-scene reports from the war zone in Iraq. Kudos, "Daily Show"! (7 of 6)

How could anyone with one of the top contracts in professional sports, 10 years for 130 million, screw that up? Michael Vick will plead guilty to dog fighting charges. Damn Dude, you hit the lottery and gave it all away! *shakes head in disgust* (7 of 6)

The bomb attacks last week in Iraq that have killed up to 400 of the ancient Yazidi tribe, is the worst act of terrorism, in terms of human lives, since the 9/11 attack. (7 of 6)

Muqtada al-Sadr is willing to support UN Operations in Iraq. And if the U.S. ever thinks Sadr will be friends, then bu$h needs to read more on the British retreating from Iraq. (7 of 6)

Here's $7 Billion lost by Americans due to stupidity, and it has nothing to do with our military in Iraq! (Mike)

Caution, Red Bull can kill you (Mike)

One pissed off Marine! Caution urged, strong language. (7 of 6)

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