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July 02, 2007

The Struggle Isn't Over

Some of the patrons from "The News Blog", the late, great Steve Gilliard's place, have formed their own place: "The Group News Blog". Lower Manhattanite first lays out the welcome mat in fine fashion and then gives up a fine tribute to Steve. He makes sure that this will not be an imitation of Steve because nothing can be. Never the less, Lower Manhattanite lets it be known that this new blog is an "uncanny offspring of a supremely talented cat...":

No, this is a kind of offshoot, wild-assed, cross-pollination, quill-shooting, radioactive mutant, test-tube baby of what happened those last four months at The News Blog, where some of us learned about the level and even presence of some of our nutty, hard-to-harness "powers".

But the main thing is--the vision. The natural flow from "We Fight Back", to "We Fight On" as you see in the masthead above. So yeah, it's gonna be political. It's gonna be rough. It's even gonna be fun, and snarky and all that shit at times. But we're gonna try to make it one thing for certain: Sucka-free. Ain't gonna be about no back-slidin' or half-steppin. I'm a liberal. I'm a progresisve. I'm a dirty fucking hippie--cept' I ain't that dirty, and I like real nice clothes. I'm all the shit that wingnut bastards hate and I'm Goddamned proud of it. So rest assured, the fastballs are comin' as usual, hard and portside. And I love beaning slow-reflexed right-wingers. I got notches in my glove for every one.

That's how this place is gonna play. It's gonna deal with the international, the national, and the local shit. We're gonna discuss war, and how to get...to peace. We're gonna look at what's shaping up to be--the longest election season since Guyana's Three-Toed Sloth Council voted for its Circle of Jungle Elders. Pop culture will be commented on--as will food, and yes...even advice.

Health and gadgets too, ya'll. It'll be here. And I'll be here, too. Maybe a little hesitant. But fuck, now I can at last answer those who've said "Well, why ain't you blogging?" for the longest, with a simple, "I am...now."

He shares some light on his fellow bloggers at "The Group News Blog", Hubris Sonic and "Doc" Wendel.
He also gives thanks to the many supporters, commentators and lurkers who helped them through the last few months while Steve was sick.

Mostly, Lower Manhattanite informs us that the struggle isn't over:

So, we've had our sadness. Our hurt. It's gonna leave a scar. But you know what? The fight still goes on. Bastards still wanna flex--wanna boost your shit. Be it your rights, your dignity, or your very existence. Fuck all that. You're gonna fight, and live, and Goddamnit--enjoy. So belly up cats and kiddies, dudes and dudettes. And get your bloggy drank on. 'Cause we want you good and blotto on the grog we'll be serving when that inevitable moment comes. You know the one.

Some wingnut's gonna roll by, like he's the man, and we're gonna have to say to him...

"Hey! There's a new joke goin' round--have ya heard it? It goes...'What...did the five fingers say to the wingnut's face?"

SLAP! :)

It's already in my favorites. Another place to visit for our continued struggle of good versus evil. It's not the same place, it never could be, only slightly different. I'll drink it in just the same, because we all know...LEFT is RIGHT!!

h/t terri at dkos

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