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July 16, 2007

Ever since Circuit City reduced their salary expenses by eliminating over 3,000 senior sales positions, I've shopped there twice and the changes are glaring. What a difference a bad corporate decision makes! Not only are there many fewer salespeople available now, but their general product knowledge is astonishingly anemic compared to just a few months ago. Now when I ask for simple information, like comparing the features between different brands of a product that I'm interested in purchasing, I receive mostly mumbling and blank stares. When I ask for the location of a product, unless I happen to be standing right next to it (which we all do on occasion, right?), they just point me to the some vague area of the store and wish me luck.

I'm sad about this. Over the years our family has purchased more electronic products and appliances from this company than all other companies combined because of their reasonable return policies, their product selection and their knowledgeable staff. I'm also sad that the company put the profit line above the importance of their staff, but that's nothing new in these days of corporate greed and immorality. I must now look for another source of electronics products while bad-mouthing a company with which I always felt comfortable.

I guess I'm searching for the "Trader Joe's" of electronic retailers. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Seven of Six said...

Mike, I find myself yearning to try Fry's Electronics. It's a bit of a drive for me but there selection is immense.