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July 27, 2007

Bits and Pieces for the Week of July 22 - 28

Electricity in Iraq? What electricity in Iraq? Crocker told CBS News this month that electricity was "more important to the average Iraqi than all 18 benchmarks rolled up into one." Imagine that!? (7 of 6)

The Dow and Standard & Poor's 500 index has the worst week in five years. Is this a harbinger of things to come? Or is a $526.1 billion loss on Thursday and Friday of shareholder wealth from the S&P just normal? (7 of 6)

Aquafina bottled water, made by PepsiCo, admits to being tap water. How hard would it be to run a public water source through huge activated carbon filters, then Reverse Osmosis and have really clean bottled water? Being on well water, my main concern is excessive MCL (Maximum Contaminate Levels) of nitrates and nitrites, among other organics and inorganics. (7 of 6)

I'm finding it harder and harder not to schill for John Edwards, especially after his outstanding speech on creating tax breaks for the middle class. (7 of 6)

If I was a General about to be censured, I'd be really pissed that the White House is citing executive priviledge and keeping documents secret that could shed light on who else is guilty. Rummy, turdblossom, cheney...oh fuck it, the usual suspects!! (7 of 6)

Young cannabis users have a greater risk of developing psychotic problems in the future. (7 of 6)

8 more U.S. troops die in Iraq. Oh yeah, bu$h wants congress to pass the "Defense Department spending bill for the 2008 budget year, including money for the war in Iraq, which is costing Americans about $10 billion a month". (7 of 6)

At least the "Senate Slumber Party" woke up the media last week. The Dems still have to hammer home the case for a simple, Up or Down - Yes or No - Majority Vote. I don't think the public fully understands the Republi-con Obstruction. (7 of 6)

"People of middle age who drank as little as one soda a day - diet or regular - had at least a 40 percent greater chance of developing risk factors for heart disease than abstainers." (Mike)

If I had a rap sheet like Cindy Sheehan's, I'd frame it. (Mike)

TPM has a great 11-minute video recap of last night's debate. (Mike)

US - Iran have heated exchange. Did anyone expect anything different from our State department! (7 of 6)

You can count on the Bush Administration to beat you when you're down (Mike)

Turkey's ruling party claims win, while Murat Karayilan, the leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, is ready for a Turkish invasion. Time to earn your money Condi. (7 of 6)

Tired of being scared of your government? Then don't read this. (Mike)

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