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July 25, 2007

Another Republi-con Obstructionist

Coming on the heels of the Dole/Shalala Commision, where they recommend, "...the experiences of these young men and women have highlighted the need for fundamental changes in care management and the disability system."

Larry Scott, at VA Watchdog dot Org summarizes Sen. Larry Craig's warning "that mandatory (Vetarans Administration) funding will not solve the long-term funding needs of that agency".

I'd like to add that until the Democrats took over Congress, Craig was Chairman of the Senate VA Committee. His comments ooze with hypocrisy. As chairman, he was instrumental in placing the VA in the current financial and healthcare crisis. Craig has allowed for the minimal basic requirements for the Veteran. It has always been politics as usual for him. He has constantly put the bu$h administration's needs first.

Now Craig is advocating NOT spending the money for Veteran's. All I have to say is, you owe us!

Sen. Larry Craig on Mandatory VA Funding: We Don't Want To Spend The Money --
Craig disses veterans by comparing VA spending to Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.
Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID), Ranking Minority Member on the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, is at it again.
Craig continues to argue AGAINST mandatory funding for VA healthcare.
His arguments are ridiculous and show contempt for veterans and their service.
Craig tries to compare VA spending to Medicaid (a welfare program), Medicare (an insurance program) and Social Security (another insurance program.) There is no comparison!
And, Craig basically says he doesn't want to spend the money on veterans. Craig speaks of controlling the federal budget. He speaks of a "cap" on spending.

Well, Senator Craig, there is no "cap" on war spending!

And, there is no "cap" on the number of wounded who come back from our wars!

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Craig press release here...

Bush also praised Bob Woodruff of ABC News, who was nearly killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq last year. "We're glad you're with us, Bob," Bush said. "Congratulations on the will to recover." When Woodruff asked Bush whether the government was moving fast enough to help families, the president declined to answer.

White House press secretary Tony Snow said that Bush would not be acting immediately on any of the recommendations.

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