"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

June 10, 2007

Some days, like today, I feel even more distraught than usual about world in which I live. I look all around and see the incessant inhumanity wrought upon innocent humans.

I am smart enough to know that power corrupts, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I know that what's happening in Iraq is so much worse than the worst stories that do filter their way out of that godforsaken hellhole. The same goes for all the areas of every continent with populations of downtrodden victims.

I know there are more than enough resources at our disposal to let every human on the planet lead a hunger-free life with shelter, health care and the opportunity for a decent education.

I know that every large SUV or pickup truck manufactured comes with an invisible device that emits radiation which causes its driver to suddenly change into an arrogant, selfish, ill-mannered asshole when they turn on the ignition.

I know that the more money one has in his/her bank account, the less they think of their fellow human beings (except for those with as much or more money).

And I know that there is jack shit any of us can do about nearly all the problems and bad persons in the world.

Thus I am convinced that I was born about one century too soon. I am sure that, by the time the 22nd century rolls around, man will have either killed himself off or finally figured out how the coexist in peace with himself, other animals and the environment.

I am sad that I will not be around to see the true enlightenment and potential of our species.



snark said...

It's so easy to get bummed. You're right though. The human race is either going to destroy itself or it's going to figure it out. I won't be around to see it either. And I'll admit I look at my kids and most often feel a certain sense of dread that they'll likely see much more of the worst of it in their time than we will. Or perhaps they'll get to experience the enlightenment?

In any event, the best we can do is set a good example for them to learn by. It will be what it will be.

I had no idea about the SUV radiation thingy though! Good to know. Thanks.

Mike said...

Yeah, I figured out the radiation thingy through deductive reasoning. There was just no other explanation that made sense to me.

It's the same way Bush figures things out. The difference is, he's always wrong.