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June 02, 2007

Paradox Pimps Richardson

Paradox at The Left Coaster makes some points on Bill Richardson.

I’m not this thundering prophet of doom condemning people for chemistry mistakes, all right? I am a simple, tiny citizen who just wants to do the right thing. If enough of us do the right thing then there’s a chance for good to happen, with no chance of change if we don’t try.

From my very casual perch of taking in the 2008 Democratic candidates only Bill Richardson has made it through the clutter with an energy plan (along with a very good Iraq plan to get everything out by the end of 2008). I’m certainly open to voting for him at this point just for that energy plan, how energy is not a primary element of Democratic politics is unconscionable.

Now go on and throw something in that tip jar we have for Bill.


snark said...

I'm slowly inching towards attending YearlyKos in Chicago. One of the reasons, amongst several, is a chance to see some of the presidential candidates speak in person. Richardson is supposed to be there along with Edwards and Obama.

How about a road trip SoS?

Seven of Six said...

snark, I would, but my boy starts middle school on the following Monday. That pesky year round schedule is a drag sometimes.
Since I'm a house husband, the wife needs the most then.

Seven of Six said...

Early, no coffee yet. ...the wife needs me the most then.