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June 07, 2007

Oh my friggin' god:

ROBERTS: But, Senator Lieberman, how do you square your claim of significant progress with the fact that May was the deadliest month in at least a couple of years — 26 U.S. servicemembers have died so far this month, just the month of June alone — and the fact that sectarian deaths are apparently on the increase again?

[Senator Joseph] LIEBERMAN: Well, two parts. Here’s the point: We’re in a war. The surge strategy, which is just beginning to be fully implemented, has worked. It has reduced sectarian deaths, particularly in Baghdad where we’re focused.

They ticked back up in the last month. Why did they do that? Because our enemies, the insurgents and Al Qaida — insurgents particularly supported by Iran — see us winning, and they’re doing desperate things. More of them are prepared to blow themselves up to kill Iraqis or American soldiers.

Second, the heartbreaking tragedy for all of us as Americans is that the number of American casualties in Iraq has gone up in the last month. Part of that is because of the enemy desperately striking out. Part of it is because our soldiers courageously are now living and working side by side with the Iraqis in cities like Baghdad. You cannot do that without increasing the peril.

Is it worth it? I say yes, because the alternative which many are arguing for is to pull out, and to me that means a tremendous victory for Al Qaida, which is our number one enemy there now, and Iran, our second enemy there.

And if they win there, watch out throughout the rest of the Middle East and right here at home in the USA.

I wonder how Gore feels about having had Lieberman on his ticket in 2000. I wonder how Lieberman feels about being a complete traitor to not only his (former) party, but the entire nation. I wonder if Connecticut will bar this SOB from reentry the next time he misrepresents his constituents like this. No one makes my blood boil more except Cheney.

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