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June 15, 2007

I used to have a relative who did some shows for this TV production company. Today I received this invite which refers to an upcoming show:

Dear Mike:

Have you ever dreamed about making that one bet that could change your life forever?

DOUBLE OR NOTHING, is a new two-hour reality special for Game Show Network that follows one incredible risk-taker who plans the gamble of a lifetime by selling everything he or she owns to make one epic bet on a roulette wheel's red or black.

The audience will have a front row seat as the contestant prepares for that life altering moment. Viewers will meet the family, the friends and even the psychologist who will certify our contestant is of sound mind. The gambler will then make the journey to Las Vegas where in a single spin, a life will be changed forever.

Red or Black one spin, one shot.

If you or someone you know is the risk-taker we are looking for, we want to hear from you.

Best Wishes,

The LMNO Casting Team

It seems that our society places a higher premium on sensationalism and greed than on common sense. There's no reason, other than idiocy, that an otherwise sane person would gamble their life away in order to look like a fool. Of course, the show will be fixed to produce just barely enough winners to make it "worth watching". Maybe I would give it a try if I had a terminal illness and a friend with a couch I could sleep on.

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snark said...

Of course, the show will be fixed to produce just barely enough winners to make it "worth watching".

Odds are they'll get enough winners. (I use the term 'winners' loosely, of course). But you never know.

I don't play roulette but it's interesting to watch sometimes. One night I was standing at a roulette table when a drunk young asian guy walked up. He didn't even change cash for chips. He just laid a $100 bill down on red. Black came up. Another $100 came out of his pocket. On red again. Black. He did this at least three more times. All on red. All came up black. Finally he put down three $100 bills on red again. You know what happened. He got up and walked away. Now I don't know if blowing at least $800 in a matter of 10 minutes was a big deal for this guy or not but laying your whole life on a 50/50 bet is wack.