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June 29, 2007

Bits and Pieces for the Week of June 24 - 30

Don't eat before you read this. At a VA Hospital in Hampton, Virginia, they found "nearly 100 maggots coming out of a patient's trach tube." I'm sure it's an isolated incident...right? (7 of 6)

What an "08" strategic blunder for House Democrats: Voting to give themselves a raise! The minimum wage is still the same as it was 11 years ago. (7 of 6)

Catch Larry Scott's interview with Thom Hartmann, covering funding and "Priority 8" Veteran issues. (7 of 6)

How cool...Scientists think they found the "crater left by the biggest space impact in modern times - the Tunguska event". (7 of 6)

whatkindofworlddoyouwant is a collection of homemade videos from a special contest for raising money for charities. Check some of them out, including this one made by a mother with an autistic child. (Mike)

Is 2007 the year California goes up in smoke? (Mike)

Living well in CA, the GOP hypocrisy: Michael Kamburowski, an Australian immigrant, the California Republican Party's chief operating officer, who had been deported, jailed in 2001, and is suing the U.S.; abruptly resigned Sunday. (7 of 6)

It's sad when a Supreme Court Justice blatantly sides with corporations in 13 of 14 decisions in his first term. Just think we might have 25 - 30 more years of Alito! (7 of 6)

Kucinich tries to correct Congress's misinterpretation of President Ahmadinejad's intentions. (Mike)

I must read a British news site to find out about severe drought conditions here in So. Cal. (Mike)


A sobering look at the U.S. economy (Mike)

Possibly the most-injured soldier to survive Iraq (Mike) [NOTE: LINK FIXED]

From CAP: Research America and other partners have started "Your Congress, Your Health," posting the positions of all members of Congress on a host of health care issues, ranging from universal coverage to stem cell research. See where your representative stands on the key issues HERE. (Mike)

SCOTUS says, "...ordinary taxpayers cannot challenge a White House initiative that helps religious charities get a share of federal money." So the "religious charities" get rich and the poor still do not get enough help from these so-called "Faith-Based and Community Initiatives." (7 of 6)

My new favorite website! Yes, I know, I know, I said I would not donate any money until we are out of Iraq. Call me a hypocrite, I don't care. Any site devoted to "Ditch Mitch" McConnell will get some cash from me. (7 of 6)

The Washington Post has the first of a 4 part series on "the Dick" Cheney secrecy issues. What I found the most interesting in Part 1, was the level of his blatant cunning and calculating deception that goes into his twisted view of the office of V/P. It's horribly evident that serving the needs of the people is vacant. (7 of 6)

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