"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

April 27, 2007

Mike here. Co-blogger 7 of 6 is having some much-delayed, much-needed and much-deserved body repair this weekend. We all wish him only the best of luck and a complete recovery. Please leave him your best wishes in the comments.

I'm off to San Diego to play the part of Delegate at the California Democratic Party Convention. If I run into Ms. Clinton, I plan on asking her why she won't join the rest of the nation in supporting the get-out-of-Iraq-now movement. If I run into Kucinich I'm reminding him about all those $$ I sent his way in 2004 which got me a wimpy t-shirt and a wimpy Progressive candidate. If I run into Bill Richardson, I plan on giving him my support if he promises to fight for Progressives and doesn't pull a Kucinich in '08. If I run into my boss at work, I'll be damn surprised. And if I run into any juicy stories, I'll post them here on Left is Right.

Go Lakers.... Or, rather, go get off your lazy millionnaire butts, Lakers, and stop letting Phoenix walk all over you like Godzilla walks on Tokyo. UPDATE: Well, I'll be damned! The Lakers (the REAL Lakers) showed up Thursday night! I hope this wasn't a one-time event. They exposed many of Phoenix's weaknesses and exploited them to the max. Let's see if the Lakers are serious on Sunday, or if they phone it in like most of the second half of the season. My fingers are X-ed. UPDATE #2: Oops, looks like game 3 was a fluke. They definitely phoned it in Sunday. Mercifully, only one game left in this roller-coaster season. Thank you. Phoenix, for putting a quick end to this series.


snark said...


Here's hopin' they don't tell you you're cancelled upon arrival at the hospital again! I suppose if they do we'll hear about it on the news. Just don't take out any pretty nurses.

Seriously, all our thoughts are with you.


If you see Biden tell him to forget it and get back to the Senate where he can at least do some good.

Seven of Six said...

Surgery went as smooth as I could expect. Kudos to the VA for doing a great job and getting it right. Some pain, but not bad. I'll be at full speed in about a month.

The treatment and attitude from the VA staff was totally different for me this time being a 100% disabled Veteran. When I had surgery in 1993 on my lower back I was only 30% and was treated more like a nuisance.