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April 04, 2007

It's About Time!

America, If We're Not Careful, Democracy Might Break Out: We're not used to it; that's the problem. It's been so long since we behaved like a real, active democracy here in the United States that it's like learning to ride a bike after you've lost a leg and have a prosthetic one in its place. Sure, you know cognitively the rhythms and actions, but it's kind of alien to your newly-remade body. See, we'd become a bullshit democracy, pretending, like estranged, emotionally separated parents staying together for the kids, so the rest of the world can learn from our mighty institutions o' greatness. But the kids always know. No matter how hard you try to hide it, the kids always know.

In a real democracy, the citizens are ready to send their leaders to the slammer, whip them out of town like the angry mobs of old. To wit, when Karl Rove was heading out last night after speaking at American University in DC, he was met with pitchforks and torches, more or less. Twenty or so students threw things at him and his car, and then they laid down in front of the car until they were were moved by police (and not arrested, for, truly, who ought to be arrested in this situation?). By the way, the protest, projectiles and all, was described as "peaceful." Again, it's all a question of degrees of what's deserved. If someone shoots whipped cream at Nelson Mandela, that's a violent assault. If a crowd burns Karl Rove's car and chases him through the streets of DC until he has to cower, weeping, shitting himself, in a filthy alley with the other rats and feral beasts, well, that's barely a misdemeanor.

The Rude Pundit puts the "peaceful protest" of Karl Rove into perspective. Rude One, thanks for the reminder! People are finally finding their balls.

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