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April 07, 2007

Don't forget to claim your telephone war tax refund on your income tax form this year (for the 2006 tax year). Everyone who files an income tax form is eligible. So far about one third of all people who filed income tax forms this year failed to claim this refund!

The standard refund for a family can range from about $20 to $60, depending on the number of dependents. If you itemize the amount you can get a refund closer to $100 to $200; it just means you have to go through your phone bills (not cell phones, but I might be wrong) for the past three years and find the monthly amounts. If you want more information, then see the brief instructional videos at this web site. Here's the IRS web page that explains it in more detail.

**UPDATE: Michael Swartz thankfully left the following comment to correct my "cell phones" comment:

Cell phones are indeed applicable. In fact, in NY State alone, over $251 million dollars are owed to cell phone users from this illegal tax. Unfortunately, few people are collecting their refund.

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