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February 22, 2007

This is really cool.

I came across this web site called Wowio. It allows you to download for free up to 5 ebooks per day. The books are current or very recent releases in all subject areas.

There are a handful of ads embedded in each book, which is how the web site supports itself. The site is new and quickly growing. You view the books using a PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Reader) allowing you to read the book on just about any computer or PDF-supporting handheld.

Here is my download selection for today:

* A Brief History of the Paradox: Philosophy and the Labyrinths of the Mind
* Skipping Towards Armageddon
* The Whistleblower: Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman
* Faces in the Clouds: A New Theory of Religion
* The Theory of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe

So you can see the selections are first-rate. And they're free. And legit. Really.

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