"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

November 15, 2006

Irrespective of the b.s./circus impeachment proceedings by the Republicans against Clinton, the fact that the Democrats do not want to pursue impeachment hearings against Bush is unacceptable to me. It is the DUTY, not the OPTION, of the House of Representatives to reprimand a member of the Executive branch when there is evidence that the latter has committed illegal acts. In fact, other than citizens voting the President out at the end of the term (or the expiration of the term), there is no other recourse (of which I'm aware) of removing a criminal from this office.

Voters elected Congresspersons to fulfill the duties of their office, and failure to pursue, as required under the Constitution, the investigation of possible criminal activities of the Executive branch, is a failure by Congress to do the job they swore, under oath, to follow.

If Democrats think they can contain Bush by sweet-talking him about bipartisan cooperation, and get him to pull out of Iraq through controlling appropriations, then I guess they haven't paid a sliver of attention to him during the past 5+ years.

Democrats in the Congress and Senate need to understand that these times are not typical for our nation. These times are not demanding everyday backroom deals and political maneuvering. These times are unusually dangerous for both America and much of the world because unstable regimes (which we have stupidly fostered in the name of corporate power and greed) have nuclear weapons or radical fundamentalist support or unstable governments, any of which could trigger massive calamity. Right now our own government, under Bush, is causing the most calamity.

There's a growing mountain of evidence that Bush has been criminally negligent in protecting our nation (one of his sworn duties) and has criminally started a military action against another non-threatening sovereign nation (causing the deaths of countless innocent humans). I mean, what the fuck more does a President need do before he's pursued as a criminal? Rape a baby during a press conference? Take his prized handgun (obtained from Hussein) and blow out Whoopi Goldberg's brains on live TV?

Why isn't Congress still pissed off at getting deceived into allowing Bush to invade Iraq? Why do Democrats think political posturing is more important than upholding the law?

What the hell is wrong with everyone? This is a no-brainer, people. DEMAND that your congressman/woman seek impeachment proceedings. Bush is a criminal who has no equal in America. We mustn't allow the worst criminal in American history to hold the greatest amount of power in American history. It's just flat-out WRONG.

Demand that your elected representatives do their job.

Demand it.

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