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November 01, 2006

The Best Veteran Website!

Being a disabled Veteran, I go to quite a few websites and blogs for Veteran updates and information. Most will talk about politics, international politics and a very broad scope of the "State of the Union".

Some of the better sites are Pen and Sword and Democratic Veteran. Another favorite is Main and Central. I had the pleasure of meeting Main and Central's primary contributor, Lurch, on his stop through Phoenix early this summer, we had a barbeque and drank some beers. He loved my wife's salsa, he certainly knew who to complement. Excellent conversationalist and a very mellow dude. All the sites have their few loyal Veteran commentators.

However, there is one Veteran blogsite that is in my opinion the best. It has, by far, the most Veteran information, updates, downloads, and latest news. Larry Scott's, VA Watchdog dot Org. is by far the best! Here is some background information on Larry:

"Larry Scott (former E-5) served four-plus years in the U.S. Army with overseas tours as a Broadcast Journalist at AFKN HQ, Seoul, Korea and AFN, Lajes Field, The Azores, Portugal and a stateside tour as a Broadcast Journalism Instructor at the Defense Information School (DINFOS). Larry was decorated four times including the Joint Service Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster. He was awarded DOD's First Place Thomas Jefferson Award for Excellence in Journalism. After the Army, Larry was a news anchor on WNBC Radio in New York City. He receives VA compensation for a service-connected disability. Today, Larry resides in Southwest Washington and operates the website VA Watchdog dot Org."

With Larry, the Veteran comes first! He doesn't pull any punches on what his mission statement is:

"The mission of VA Watchdog dot Org is quite simple. We provide the latest information about the Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) and other topics of interest to veterans and their families. This information is provided free as a public service. You are encouraged to pass it on to others who will find it useful. All information is carefully documented and links to sources are provided. VA Watchdog dot Org is not a VA "hate site." There are plenty of those if that is what you seek. We believe the VA provides excellent healthcare to qualified veterans. However, the VA is plagued by chronic under funding caused by politicians who, every year, do not provide adequate monies to support the healthcare needs of veterans. We also believe that the political appointees who run the VA interfere with the professional and dedicated workers of the VA who do not hold politically-appointed positions. Veterans' healthcare is NOT a political matter and should not be entrusted to those who owe allegiance to any political party. We also support legislative efforts to take VA healthcare out of the discretionary federal budget and make it mandatory. Such a move would guarantee healthcare for veterans and take the politics out of the funding apparatus. Along the political line...VA Watchdog dot Org does not endorse political candidates. We will, however, point out those politicians who, by their deeds and not just their words, truly support veterans. And, we will point out those who do not support veterans, again, judged by their deeds. VA Watchdog dot Org is not an organization. There are no memberships, fees or dues. We are a privately-owned web site (owners are Larry Scott and Marie Scott) with a simple goal of helping veterans by providing free information. Please use VA Watchdog dot Org to its fullest. Feedback is appreciated."

So if you know of a Veteran who needs any information, help, forms to downloads, or just the latest news, recommend Larry's site! It's the best!

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