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October 16, 2006

Veteran's Issues!

It's amazing when our politicians lie to us about the funding for disabled Veterans but when Rep. Steve Buyer (R-IN), Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs states, "Politics should not be in the mix when discussing veterans' funding..." Yet, "Buyer and other Republicans in the House and Senate held up the VA's 2007 budget leaving the VA to operate at last year's funding level. That will cost VA healthcare at least $438 million."

This is not the time to be going on the cheap for Veterans! " Nearly one in five soldiers leaving the military after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan has been at least partly disabled as a result of service, according to documents of the Department of Veterans Affairs obtained by a Washington research group."
The problem was: "In January, the NSA (National Security Archive) asked the Department of Veterans Affairs for records about the number of disability claims filed by veterans who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars... At first, the VA made the amazing pronouncement that no documents existed. The archive's researchers were asked to believe that the government had no records of claims by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Of course, this could not be true. For the next nine months, the NSA (National Security Archive) made repeated requests and finally threatened to sue the VA if it did not turn over the records. This month, the government relented and complied. There were plenty of reports and plenty of documents."

The bu$h administration has already lied about the Iraq War! The politicians can now disregard the truth about the cost of treating disabled Veterans! Please, do not lie to us about the amount of disabled Veterans we truly will have to treat!
American taxpayers deserve to be told the truth!! And they need to know it before the November elections!

Seven of Six,
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