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October 11, 2006

California voters using absentee ballots, beware (note highlighted section):

Posted on Mon, Oct. 09, 2006

Absentee ballot mailing may be delayed

By Lisa Vorderbrueggen - CONTRA COSTA TIMES

Voters expecting to receive absentee ballots starting Tuesday may see a delay because of the heft of general election ballot, said Contra Costa election chief Steve Weir.

The ballot's size is due to 13 state measures, 11 local measures and 91 total contests in various areas of the county.

The county election staff must proofread 248 different ballot types, each with two ballot cards, Weir said, and it has taken extra time.

Residents who vote by mail are reminded to use two first-class stamps when returning the ballot. (Technically, the ballot requires only 63 cents postage but it's probably easier to put two stamps on the envelope than take a trip to the post office to purchase the precise postage.)

Approximately 72,000 of the county's 153,000 permanent-absentee ballots will be mailed by Wednesday, Weir said.

Daily mailings will continue with the projected completion of all mailings during the week of Oct. 16.

Anyone who is a permanent-absentee voter or who lives in a vote-by-mail precinct who does not receive an official ballot by Oct. 21 should call the Elections Office at 925-646-4166 to request a replacement ballot.

You know what? Just to be safe, slap on two stamps. Isn't your vote worth it?

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