"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

September 25, 2006

Guest post from Phil L.:


A lot has been written over the last few days about how poorly the Democratic Party stands up to the republi-cons. Nothing new there! I have to weigh in support of the Democratic Party. It's unfortunate but we do have to start somewhere. We have to take over Congress as the Democratic Party first, then institute changes within the Party.

georgia10 from dailykos agrees with me:

"But this late in the game, like so many other frustrated Democrats, I refuse to quit. So we will work. Over the next several weeks, we will sweat. We will write. We will walk around neighborhoods until our feet are sore and cold call until our voices crack. We will show the GOP what a pissed-off Democratic base can accomplish.

"But elected Democrats--listen up. We won't be doing it for this Democratic Party. It's not for the preservation of today's Democratic Party that we fight. We don't want today's party. We do it for the birth of a new Democratic Party. We're going to work our asses off for Jim Webb, and John Tester, and the other candidates who if elected will usher in a new era in Democratic politics.

"Today, we forge on. But we will never forget. Seat by seat, complacent Democrats will be challenged. Every primary will be a Connecticut primary. Every passive Democrat will be actively and aggressively challenged, not just on election day, but throughout the year.

"Those who have abandoned fundamental Democratic principles--those who have abandoned basic American principles--will be abandoned themselves.

"It won't happen in one election cycle. It won't happen in two or three. But eventually, we will reclaim our party, because we are Democrats. The party isn't made up of just the handful of currently elected Democrats and their incestuous clique of astonishingly incompetent consultants. We're the party, and from now, there will be no quarter for Republican-lite. There will be no sympathy for incumbents who feel entitled to Democratic seats. We're taking it back, today and every day until we get the Democratic Party America needs and deserves."

The Dems do nothing approach accomplishes one thing; it hangs this whole sorry torture episode around the neck of the republi-con's! Use this for every future negative attack ad. Make sure the public knows the republi-con's alone are responsible for the approval of torture! They will be the ones who voted to approve it, the ones who have disgraced our once great Nation!

Let's quit ragging on the Democrats. Make this the destruction of the Republican Party!

Phil L.

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