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August 01, 2006

Phil L. sends another example of the Veterans Administration sticking it to vets who have multiple medical claims:

From Larry Scott, at VA Watchdog dot Org:

"Bombshell court ruling on Veterans with more than one VA claim pending--When VA acts on one claim but does not address other claims, the other claims are deemed denied. VA does not have to provide veteran with notice of denied claims."

Here is a link to the case:


Meaning, if you have 3 claims with the Veterans Administration, one for a shoulder injury, a back injury and PTSD, if one is denied or granted, the others are automatically denied. In other words, due process is not allowed to continue. Normally, you would be given a written notice of denial and have 12 months from that date to appeal. With no notice, the onus is on the Veteran to appeal his other cases in a timely manner. If a Veteran does not respond in this 12 month period, the Veteran's chances are slim to none that a case will be reopened, even with substantial new material evidence.

This is very significant to the Veteran because many times, their percentage level is affected by how many different injuries they may have sustained.

I'll let you be the judge but it looks like it's another move to save the VA money and deny Veterans their full benefits. This is a flagrant abuse of the law and will not be found on the VA Website!! The VA is denying the Veteran "due process and appellate rights".

Phil L.

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