"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

June 23, 2006

As Bush/Cheney continue to get pushed into a political corner as a consequence of their grotesquely bad policies and decisions over the past 5+ years, expect a "last throes" reaction by them. What should we expect? Well, they might "allow" another terrorist attack on American soil, a la 9/11. They might follow through on their threats against North Korea or Iran. They may try to make something militarily out of Venezuela's defiant attitude toward Washington (Bush already tried once to oust Chavez).

Because the Bush Administration has turned the CIA upside down with regards to quality intelligence, planning a successful attack, which requires superb intelligence, just isn't going to happen. Thus, if and when the "war president" (as he likes to call himself) does begin his next invasion or air war, it will be another huge, costly and deadly failure to add to the Iraq debacle.

When to expect such action? Well, we've got that darned November election coming up, so expect something around September/October at the latest. And expect the American sheeple to once again thoughtlessly and patriotically throw themselves at Bush's feet, as they did after 9/11. This will assuredly get enough Republicans re-elected to Congress, thus assuring at least two more years of screw-the-poor and feed-the-rich. To me it seems like overkill, since the Republicans are going to control the vote counting anyway.

We have lost any semblance of control over our destiny. The neocon Republicans have all the good cards and will decide how best to take our nation further along the path of self-destruction and humiliation. The rest of us can continue writing, screaming, demonstrating, marching, losing sleep and wringing our hands over this, but really, those with the cards AREN'T LISTENING TO US ANYWAY.

There truly is only one solution left, and you know what it is: Revolution.

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