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May 21, 2006

Today's guest post from Phil L.:

A Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission voted 11-2 in favor on Friday (05-19-06) to go ahead with a study of Disabled Veterans who get VA compensation and who collect Social Security Disability Insurance. Did I mention that the panel was 9-4 in favor of Republicans. 4 on the commission were Bush appointees!
I still don't understand what part of 'separate under the law' this commission doesn't understand!! Here's the skinny!

The Commission Chairperson (Ret.) Army Lt. Gen. Terry Scott (Ret.) stated at the meeting: "...that the Members of Congress who wrote letters to him were all invited to speak before the Commission on the subject of SSI & disabled vets. None appeared. Isn't it interesting how quick they are to send a letter but when asked to back up their paperwork, they 'no show'."

Hey Terry, Veteran Benefits and SSDI are 'separate under the law'! A Congressperson shouldn't have to appear if you interpret the law correctly!! I forgot, in Bushworld everything is possible!! Way to support your Veteran brethren Terry! I forgot, you have yours already!

And the best rebuttal came from Richard F. Weidman, Executive Dir. for Policy and Government Affairs, Vietnam Veterans of America:
"...if the Commission is going to start delving into all income and wealth of each service member or veteran, where do you stop? Do you examine 401k plans and possible 'offsets'? Stock & Bond portfolios? Individual Retirement Accounts that people built after military service? Inherited land? The spouse' income? The income of the extended family? The answer is to all these is a resounding 'NO'! You do not have a right to get into these areas, as they have nothing to do with the individual citizen's military service."

I take it a step further and ask the Republicans, "When do you stop granting military retirees their social security benefits"? Please bring this issue up, I'm begging you to!!

Now we await the study's outcome. What a waste of time and money!

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