"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

April 12, 2006

Reader Phil L. has had enough of the American media's coverage of the Iraq War:

I don't think you've seen what war can do...I know our politicians have not. Beware, some of the pictures can be graphic: a few samples.

Maybe the AP needs to publish
these photos separately, say in People magazine for instance. I certainly don't see them in any MSM newspapers. I've seen very few of them in fact. I get the occasional, "this week's soldier killed in battle", on the 6 o'clock news but that's it!

We talk of Democrats getting a spine but if journalists would get a spine and start reporting the true atrocities, along with the lies of this Administration, this war might come to an end! Can we possibly expect Katie [Couric] to do her job?

This presents about 4,000 photographs showing the Iraq War killing and maiming, most from the Associated Press's archive and others from sources listed."

This administration is so good at hiding the evidence; they stop the photos of the coffins coming home, they stop the viewing of soldiers' funerals and they try to stop publishing the stories that go with the faces of the victims of this senseless Iraq war.

Take a few minutes to review and ponder...had enough...outraged yet? I don't think you are! Most of you will still turn on American Idol tonight! How do I turn
this into viral propaganda?

Everyone needs to get off their asses and send these photos to every congressperson and everyone running for office! These are the faces of our soldiers, our troops, our American Family!! They're fucking dying for lies, you know...dying for fucking lies!

(hat tip Michael Moore)

When enough Americans get as justifiably enraged as Phil, then hopefully we can put an end to this very dark period of our history.

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