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March 01, 2006

More Republican shenanigans (registration required), this time in Orange County, CA (snippet):

A Democratic committee said it has gathered evidence showing that as many as 600 newly registered Republicans - part of an increase touted by the party in recent months - may be fraudulent.

Republican Party officials acknowledge there are some registration problems but say the scope is much smaller than Democrats claim.

So far, the Democratic Voter Education and Registration Fund has given the Orange County Registrar of Voters Office 37 signed complaints in which Orange County voters said they were switched to Republican registration without their consent.

According to the committee, 40 other voters requested that complaint forms be sent to them with forms to re-register as Democrats. An additional 200 did not want to fill out complaint forms, but asked the committee to help them switch back to the Democratic Party. The committee also found more than 300 forms listing invalid addresses and phone numbers.

"People came to us complaining about this," said Paul Hefner, the Democratic committee spokesman. "They were getting cards in the mail that said, 'Welcome to the Republican Party.' They said they had been tricked and they were angry."

The committee provided The Orange County Register with copies of the complaint forms and other documentation of their investigation. They are trying to determine which agency would be most appropriate to conduct a criminal investigation....

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