"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

January 24, 2006

California Republicans likely would prefer if nurses kept to changing bedpans. However, the California Nurses Association lately has been a bit more active. Yesterday they proposed strict limits on campaign spending for state and local offices (snippet):

....The measure would ban corporate donations to candidates and to ballot-measure fights, and create a system of public financing for those running for office. Candidates who rejected the financing could accept only relatively small contributions — $500 for legislative races, $1,000 for statewide offices.

To pay for the system, the nurses plan to propose raising the state's bank and corporate tax rate or adding a new tax on oil pumped from California wells.

The initiative would allow candidates to spend unlimited sums of their own money on their own campaigns, as current state law permits. There are no restrictions on donations to ballot measure campaigns under current law, though contributions to candidates are capped. The caps are far less stringent than what the nurses are contemplating.

The initiative is being proposed by the California Nurses Assn., a union of 65,000 registered nurses who last year garnered attention with protests at the governor's appearances. The union, angry that the governor tried to repeal requirements for more nurses in state hospitals, emerged as one of Schwarzenegger's most vocal and effective foils in the campaign for the November special election.

The proposal would limit union donations to candidates, but not initiative campaigns....

I wonder if a California Republican's worst nightmare is ending up in a dark alley, being chased by nurses.

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