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October 31, 2005

Is Rove off the hook or not?

Steve Gilliard is certain that Fitzgerald has some cards up his sleeve:

....Now, why would Libby accept disbarment and years in jail, years which could push his family into penury when everyone else would walk? Rove go on making millions, Cheney pretending he doesn't know him.

Fitzgerald has a much stronger case than we've seen. He has shown exactly what little we need to see of his hand., which is almost nothing. People cheering that Rove hasn't been indicted and Spikey Isakoff running to believe that Fitzgerald told Bush's lawyer that he wasn't going to indict Rove are idiots.

Fitzgerald's case is so strong that :

A: he feels no need to get a new grand jury for his case and will use any sitting one in the District.

B: Refused to accept a plea by Libby and demanded at least 24 months jail time.

So people thinking Rove is out of the woods are kidding themselves. It could be a detail or two missing or a witness to flip or even someone still working in the White House gathering evidence for an indictment. If Hadley thought he could be indicted, there's a reason for that. This indictment was clearly designed to show Libby what was going to happen, and give him a chance to think about life with no money coming in, a humongous legal [bill] and jail time. And to encourage him to share the pain.

This is the most optimistic opinion I've seen yet, so here's hoping that Gilliard, who's no dummy, is closer to right than wrong.

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