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June 15, 2005

A Revolting Situation

The Democratic Party has a golden opportunity to garner public support for withdrawal of our troops from Iraq, based on the latest polls which show around 55-60% of Americans think that Iraq wasn’t worth it, should withdraw at least some troops, and disapprove of Bush’s handling of Iraq. As Liberal Oasis says:

Right now, the public is pretty confused. If we captured Saddam, found no WMD, and helped organize an election, why are we still there, and why are we taking casualties?

Dems should help clear up that confusion.

Only then will an alternative strategy, centered on withdrawal, really make sense to the public.

Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democratic politicians are mostly zip-lipped about discussing a withdrawal strategy. As Arianna Huffington elaborates:

With memos pouring out of the U.K. showing there was no planning for what to do after Baghdad fell and that “intelligence and facts were being fixed,” and with the number of dead American soldiers now over 1,700, what is the Democratic leadership waiting for before they finally stand up to the White House? Where are Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Howard Dean on a moral issue of this magnitude, on which the majority of Americans oppose the administration?

Too bad. Withdrawal is what most Democrats, the majority of Americans, all Iraqis, the rest of the planet, and all US Soldiers stationed in Iraq, want.

As I've said repeatedly on this site, the only people who want soldiers in Iraq are the die-hard political supporters of Bush-war, and the entire military-industial-petroleum complex. Unfortunately the latter have most of the power, most of the wealth, and most of the U.S. media. You could say that we have the voting booth, but that has recently become a truth only in an alternate universe, thanks to electronic "voting".

So, really, we (and all Iraqis) are truly fucked. I mean, do you really REALLY think things are going to change in 2008? And you base that on what, wishful thinking? Get real, get informed, and get ready to revolt, because it's the only solution.

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